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Wendi  |  Jim  |  KDcat

BeforeNumerous health problems, quietly depressed, extremely low energy.

After Less than One Year: Near perfect health, filled with peace, vibrantly alive.

Wendi's Story...

Yes, that�s really what I looked like when I was eating cooked foods (nearly 100 pounds heavier). I�ve been health conscious since I was very young, always trying to find the best ways to live for optimum health and happiness. I�ve been a vegetarian since birth, although I was forced to consume meat until I was about twelve years old (by a loving and concerned mother). As an adult, it was frustrating when even a vegan diet (which I always considered to be the ultimate in healthy eating) didn�t allow me to live a vibrant life. I was overweight (and getting heavier every year), quietly depressed, lived with frequent debilitating migraines, dealt with arrhythmia, suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome since I was a teenager, constantly had fluid retention, my skin was scaly and red most of the time, and I suffered from many other ailments; I wasn�t exactly a picture of perfect health, even though my diet was almost always healthier than those of my friends and family. Can you imagine eating healthier than those around you, yet looking like I did? (Click here to read more about Wendi, her raw/life food journey, and to see more raw transformation pictures.)

Before230+ lbs., high BP,
taking powerful meds

After: 170 lbs., excellent health, med-free, alive!

Jim's Story...

My story's easy: I was raised on barbecued ribs, roast beef, and gravy. Eventually, I became largely a vegetarian, though I continued to eat meat at social functions for work and other special outings. In general, I ate what I always thought of as generally healthy (as healthy as the next guy, anyway), yet weighed around 225 pounds from the ages of around 25 to 35. It all finally caught up with me, though. (You can read the entire story here if you like -- two years on powerful blood pressure medication that regulated my heartbeat.) During my mid-30s, in an attempt to regain some measure of health, I began running 3-4 days/week (3 miles or so -- and for years!), yet still saw no real weight loss until Wendi went raw and I started eating the things she made. Without ever going hungry at all, my weight dropped from an all-time high of 230+ pounds down to 170 (currently). I was in a 40-inch waist in those days and now wear a 32 (and haven't needed those awful prescription meds in years!).


Raw pizza.
Stuffed Red Pepper
Raw stuffed peppers.
Apple Pie
Raw apple pie.

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