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Wendi Dee's Bio

One day, when I was writing down the things that were and weren�t positive in my life (a habit I got into when I was in my early 20s), deciding what I�d be changing in order to feel more fulfilled, my intuition spoke so loudly that I couldn�t ignore it. I knew it was time to follow a raw food diet. I don�t recall when I learned about eating raw foods; I think eating only fresh-picked foods is probably information that we already have stored inside ourselves from the moment we are born.

Here's a picture of Wendi circa 1989, before any weight issues emerged. She was a vegetarian, but never monitored what she ate otherwise.

However, we are raised eating cooked foods and we lose our innate ability to know what is truly best for our bodies. I had sampled a raw food diet years before with an equally health-conscious friend (who has continually inspired me along this path), but I didn�t stick to it for very long. It was too upsetting for my husband and daughter, who both felt they were missing out on a lot. Even though I went back to cooked foods, deep inside I knew that eating raw foods was a completely natural and common sense way of eating. So, when my intuition told me it was time to eat only raw foods, I followed my inner wisdom and slowly transitioned to a completely raw diet.

My plan was to go �raw� for one full year, to see if it would improve my health. I told myself that if it didn�t work, I was going to let everyone know. After all, everything I ever read about eating raw foods said it would work for everyone. Intuitively, I couldn�t see any reason why it wouldn�t work. However, eating cooked vegan foods seemed to make a lot of sense to me, too, in the past. So, there was still a tiny grain of doubt about whether the raw food diet would work, or not. I decided I was going to experiment and see what happened. I set my goal for one full year of consuming only 100% raw, vegan foods after slowly transitioning to the diet. That was the first raw food step on my already existing life-long path to becoming a healthier, fulfilled individual.

By 2005, Wendi had reached her highest weight, though she was by then nearly 100% vegan for years.
As you have probably guessed, consuming only raw foods did work. It worked so well, in fact, that I feel healthier now than I have my entire life. Others have witnessed my transformation and have been amazed along with me. Most days I feel ecstatic at how something so common sense and natural has been here all along for all of us! Most of us just never thought to eat the way that nature intended.

I�ve been asked by so many people to share what I�ve done to regain my health, to help them gain better health for themselves. So, with the help of my lovely family we�ve created Pure Jeevan, which holds a holistic view of health and blends Eastern philosophy with Western science. We�re here to share information with everyone about our path to a truly vibrant life.

Here's Wendi January 2008.

We openly share our personal journeys along with all of the basic information there is to know about living on a raw food diet. We welcome your questions and comments, so send us an email. I love helping others. One of my missions is to spread the joy, along with many other raw foodists, of what raw foods can do for all of us (yes, including you).

I don�t consider the way I now eat to be a diet. Even though you�ll hear me refer to this as a �raw food diet�, at no point do I feel that I am depriving myself of anything. I�ve even eaten desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and continually moved to a healthier body and weight. I eat as much as I want, whenever I want, and my body is continually healing itself. I am thriving on so many levels!

There is a lot more to my healing story than I�ve shared here. I will be sharing my path to Pure Jeevan (as that�s what I�ve been on�a path to total life) in our newsletter and on our blog. If you have questions, however, please don�t hesitate to ask. It can, indeed, be inspiring to hear what others have gone through to attain better health.

Wendi in February 2008.

I am more than willing to share my story with you, to help you on your own path to health. I know that once you have met your own personal goal, you will be filled with a desire to help others, as well! It�s one big circle, isn�t it? We can all help each other to be all that we desire to be in this life!  


To view more before/after pictures, click here.

What Happens
When You Eat
Living Foods?
Compare pics from two diets I've followed:

Cooked Vegan:
Picture of Wendi Dee on a Cooked Vegan Diet

Raw Vegan:
Picture of Wendi Dee on a Raw Vegan Diet

(Read my story on our "Meet Pure Jeevan" page.)

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