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Live Blood Services

Introduction to Live Blood (reprinted below from our blog)  |  Our Services

There are four parts to blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Using a specialized microscope, one can easily view these parts of the blood. Red blood cells deliver oxygen to, and carbon dioxide from, the body. White blood cells, also known as leukocytes, help defend the body against disease and anything that they see as unnatural or foreign. Platelets help form clots to prevent bleeding. Plasma, comprised of about 90% water, is the fluid that transports all of the above.

You can learn a lot about a person’s overall health by viewing his or her blood. In broad, general terms, what you’re looking for in viewing live blood is the overall shape of the cells (particularly the red blood cells), the percentage of white blood cells to red blood cells, how “fluid” the sample is, and any debris present.

Again, when viewing blood, you’re basically looking for an overall picture of health. Some individuals who view live blood for a living believe that they are able to determine what’s going on in your body, what illnesses you have, what supplements you need, etc., based on what they’re seeing. This, however, borders on fraudulent practices. Yes, you can usually tell that the body is fighting something when the amount of white blood cells is increased. However, there is no way to determine *what* the body is fighting (or if, in fact, there is a disease causing leukocyte proliferation). You can also easily see when the blood is filled with various red blood cell shape deviations and/or cell deformities. These in fact can indicate a general picture of suboptimal health. However, one cannot determine the underlying cause of cell deformities without further testing.

In fairness, there are live blood practitioners who may in fact mean well when they look at a specimen and recommend trying a specific protocol to improve the state of the person’s blood. But, unless they’re communicating to the individual that they’re basing the recommendation on a good bit of guesswork, then they may be misleading that individual.

Many live blood practitioners believe that certain cell deformities indicate specific health concerns (e.g., low B vitamins, evidence of toxins in the system, presence of candida/yeast, bacteria, etc.). While there is potential for overall indication based on experience for individuals with certain illnesses consistently display identical types of cell deformities, it’s still impossible to make an official diagnosis.

Some deformed red blood cells may look like squiggling worms, jumping ants, bacteria, etc. But without an understanding of the positive and negative charges of the various components in the blood, one may determine that these deformities are actually what they look like (worms, bacteria, etc.). It’s too difficult to explain the chemistry and science behind this at this time. But we just want to let you know that, if you ever have your blood viewed under a microscope, if it looks like there are worms, little dots zipping all around, or other strange behavior, don’t panic. It’s pretty common to see some of this in most blood.

Visiting a live blood cell practitioner can certainly be enlightening because you’ll be able to see an overall picture of health and well being. Be warned, however, that a practitioner who seems to be diagnosing and/or pushing supplements may be misguided. We say misguided because many practitioners have taken courses that specifically teach them to interpret the various aspects of the blood and then treat those things with specific protocols. While sometimes the protocols may indeed by helpful, it’s not an exact science.

There are, we’re sad to say, some fraudulent live blood practitioners who purposely treat the blood sample in ways in which to create an overall view of ill health, when one may not actually exist. In our own studies and experiments, we’ve seen how this can be possible. Collecting too big or too little a sample, viewing a sample only on the outer edge of the slide, or applying too much pressure to the sample, for example, can easily skew the results. A practitioner might also focus in on things that aren’t even part of your blood — such as bubbles or debris that was on the slide. (A slide might look clean to the naked eye, but don’t forget that the microscopes used are zooming in with incredible power!)

While that sounds awful, our take-home message is that you shouldn’t discount the entire field of live blood microscopy just because there are a few practitioners simply trying to peddle supplements. We’re here to tell you that live blood viewing IS in fact a fantastic tool for viewing one’s overall health. From all of the blood we’ve viewed so far, the blood of raw foodies shows an overall healthier picture than those living on a Standard American Diet. Just another reason to eat more natural foods, eh?

Our Live Blood Services

Pure Jeevan is equipped with a full set-up for live blood viewing and educational services. We purposely do NOT refer to this as "live blood analysis," as we do not offer analyses or diagnoses of your blood. However, if you want to take a look at your blood, and talk about what you see (identifying various types of cells and so forth), we're happy to help. At the moment, we are based in Pittsburgh, PA (soon relocating to Portland, OR). You may inquire about an appointment to view your blood by emailing Wendi at WendiDee [at] PureJeevan.com. The cost is $65.

We wish for you a love- and
life-filled vibrant existence!


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