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Did you miss the Very Special 3-Day Raw Food Spiritual Ashram Retreat?

If so, maybe you'd be interested in a smaller, more personal retreat that we can arrange for you.

Following is a service we are offering for a very limited time:

  • Your Personal Raw Food Retreat: Allow Pure Jeevan to pamper you in our beautiful home for a weekend of relaxation, raw/live food meals, and individual one-on-one time.


    Included in your retreat weekend:

    • 1-hr massage by a trained professional
    • one sauna session (dry or steam, with or without herbs/essential oils)
    • use of an oversized jet tub
    • Friday dinner and dessert
    • Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
    • Sunday brunch
    • guest room with double bed
    • private bathroom
    • one-on-one meeting with Pure Jeevan to discuss raw foods, demonstrations of recipes, and anything else we can help you with during your retreat.

    While here, you�ll have access to a cozy library with ample health and raw food books, as well as many classic novels. There is a small park within walking distance, or you can arrange for Pure Jeevan to drop you at a larger park with a picnic basket (filled with raw food goodies, of course!) for the afternoon.

    the oversized jet tub awaiting you

    your relaxing sauna

    This is your time and can be a simple quiet retreat with raw meals served as you relax in the library or guest room, or you can use the time to learn more about raw foods from Pure Jeevan. The choice is yours. We�re here to make this a weekend that you�ll fondly remember for years to come.

    your private room

    PureJeevan's library

    Please note that there will be no phone, television, or computer/net access during your stay. We feel it�s important for your retreat to fully allow you the opportunity to disconnect from everyday stress and obligations.

    part of PureJeevan's kitchen, where you can learn
    about raw foods preparation

    The fee for your weekend is $650. It can be shared by one couple (partners, friends, parent/child) for an additional $350. Please note that the guest room offers only one double bed. All meals are 100% organic, prepared fresh every day and filled with abundant love. This retreat is only available for a few more months, so now�s the time to reserve your space!

    Contact Wendi Dee to inquire about available dates. Email her at WendiDee [at] PureJeevan.com. (Pure Jeevan's home is currently for sale (which is why this service is only available for a few more months). If you're interested in viewing more pictures of our home, they are available online here.)  (Location: link to google map)

A Very Special
3-Day Raw Food Spiritual Ashram Retreat

(Fully Booked!)

 - I'm ready to sign up! -

From May 23-25, 2008, you can join a small group of individuals for a cozy weekend that will feed your body, mind, and spirit! Here�s a highlight of what your weekend will include:

  • Beautiful three-day, two-night stay at the Peaceful Valley Ashram
    Peaceful Valley Ashram, located less than two hours from Pittsburgh, PA, was originally constructed in the 1800s as a shelter for poor people. The ashram buildings are currently unfolding into a shelter for those seeking health, happiness, creative growth, and spiritual guidance. The retreat will take place in the large main house, beautiful enclosed front porch overlooking the peaceful land, and part of the west wing. All ashram bedrooms are nicely decorated and offer sleeping arrangements for up to four guests in each. Visit the ashram�s web site to learn more about this beautifully serene location.

  • Meeting Leela Mata, a world-renowned spiritual teacher and master of Ayurveda and Yoga
    Being in the presence of Leela Mata is a true blessing. Her heart is open and her interaction with each individual is unique and filled with meaning. We�ll be taking photos during the retreat so that you can have a special keepsake of your meeting with Leela Mata.


  • Morning and Evening Satsang
    Satsang includes a brief period of pranayama (a simple, yet powerful, breathing exercise), a guided meditation, chanting to raise the vibration within all who attend, and a wisdom discourse by Leela Mata. If you�ve never experienced Satsang, you are in for a real treat! During the wisdom talk it is not uncommon for each attendee to feel as though Leela Mata�s words are spoken for his/her ears only, and each comes away with a message or direction for his/her path in this life.


  • Yoga (morning and late afternoon)
    The yoga classes include a gentle warm up and cool down period, as well as traditional asanas (yoga positions). The instructor is skilled in teaching all levels during the same class, so that everyone can enjoy a workout at his or her own level. Someone with absolutely no yoga experience will feel comfortable in this class, as will someone who is extremely skilled in yoga.

  • Amazing ORGANIC, raw vegan cuisine freshly prepared for you by Wendi Dee of Pure Jeevan
    Wendi Dee will not only be serving you the most delicious and beautifully presented meals, all ingredients consist of fresh, high quality organics. You�ll be experiencing vibrant, organic raw food meals that will make you wonder why anyone would think cooked food is better than what you are being served. On the menu may be dishes like pancakes, �pasta� with marinara or alfredo sauce and �meat� balls, �cheese� dips and spreads, apple pie, and so much more!


  • Gift basket of raw food snacks 
    When you arrive, a gift basket of raw food snacks will be waiting for you in your room. Throughout your stay there will be continual snacks made available, so you may want to save your gift basket to share with others when you return home. The following companies have generously offered to donate some of their products for your gift basket: Gopal's Health Foods,
    Love Street Living Foods, Gnosis Chocolate, Ancient Sun Nutrition, Love Force, Good Stuff by Mom & Me, Living Intentions, and NaturalZing. Keep an eye on this retreat page to see other companies that will be sharing delicious raw food snacks with you!

  • Special retreat materials  
    Along with the gift basket, we have a special retreat highlights, journal, and recipes collection of materials bound together for you to take home. The highlights of all that you experience during your stay will be there for you to review as often as you like. Recipes for all dishes served will also be included!

  • Raw Foods 101 session 
    For those who don�t have a lot of experience with raw foods, Wendi Dee will be holding a special session to discuss the basics of consuming raw foods. It�s easier than many people think and she�s happy to introduce you to the basics and answer any questions you may have.

All of the basics of raw foods / living foods

  • Plenty of raw snacks available throughout the day 
    Throughout your stay there will be continual snacks made available (in addition to your meals). We doubt it could happen, but please don�t hesitate to ask for something if you feel the foods being offered aren�t satisfying you or you�d like something different. We are here to help you have a wonderful retreat and we look forward to serving you in any way possible.

  • Raw food prep demonstrations by Wendi Dee 
    Your meals will be prepared with love and attention to detail, and then beautifully presented to you. Wendi Dee will demonstrate how each meal was prepared, always amazing you with the ease in which you can create such beautifully vibrant, delicious foods in your own home after your retreat ends.


  • Pranayama instruction by Leela Mata 
    Pranayama is a form of breath control in which your body becomes energized on all levels. Many of us don�t realize how shallow our breathing has become over the years. With pranayama, you experience deep breathing that is very healing for your body, mind, spirit, and emotions. In this class, Leela Mata will instruct you in the art of pranayama and you�ll have time to experience it for yourself!

  • Therapeutic Yoga  
    One of your yoga sessions will be a specialized class covering various positions that help the body heal and cleanse. If you have any health concerns, please let us know beforehand so that the instructor can introduce specific yoga positions for you during this session.

  • Evening bonfire (weather permitting) 
    Let�s hope for nice weather because a bonfire on the ashram property will be a highlight of your stay. Spending time in nature, seeing the lovely stars that are barely visible from our city views of the sky, hearing the crackle of the flames, and feeling the peace and energy of sitting around a fire are all something everyone should experience!


  • Raw Foods Q & A period 
    Be prepared with all of your questions about raw foods! Wendi Dee will be there to answer all of your questions�no question is too simple or silly. There will be note cards available for those who want to write down their questions, as well. This is your chance to finally ask those questions that have been puzzling you about raw foods!

  • Opportunity to add on other services (massage, spiritual counseling, raw food advising)* 
    The Peaceful Valley Ashram and Pure Jeevan are here to assist you in any way we can during your stay. Please see our list of additional services (below) if you are requiring some more one-on-one guidance during your stay.

  • Opportunity to stay an additional evening ( additional fee, includes bed and two raw, organic meals) 
    Why not make the most of your visit? If you are flying in and need to wait until the next day for your flight, or you just want to make the most of your retreat by staying an additional evening, just let us know. You must reserve this extra evening when you book your retreat.

Click here to view the daily schedule!

Please note that this is a special raw food spiritual retreat, with an emphasis on spiritual practices (meditation, yoga) and raw food health (organic meals). We understand that every individual is unique in what he/she is searching for in this life. For that reason, please do not feel that you are held to the schedule we have created for the weekend. If you require quiet time, please take it for yourself. If you�d rather spend your time meditating than learning how to prepare raw foods or taking part in any of the yoga sessions, then please meditate. You do not need to have experience with yoga, meditation, or raw foods to enjoy this retreat. This time is special for you, and we are here to help you make the most of your weekend. Please let us know how we can be of service to you, to help you in any way possible during your stay.

With lots of love and light to all of you,

Wendi Dee and Leela Mata

*Add-on Services: (To schedule any of these add-on services, or to inquire about fees, you must contact either Leela Mata or Wendi Dee before the retreat begins.)

Additional Ashram Services

  • 1-on-1 Yoga

  • Abhyanga (oil) Massage

  • Thai Massage

  • 1-on-1 Meeting with Leela Mata

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Palmistry

  • Journey Through the Chakras (contacting your spiritual guides and gaining spiritual instruction for your development)

  • General Counseling

  • Regression Therapy (to shed light on present circumstances and what influences the past life is having on you)

1-on-1 Meeting with Wendi Dee

  • Mapping out a plan for adding more raw to your diet

  • Individual Specific Food Preparation Instruction

  • Individual Raw Food Menu Planning

Thank you for your interest. If you missed out on this retreat, but would like to be part of a future one, please send me an email.


(Fully Booked!!)

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Please note that this is an introductory fee and these discounted prices will not be offered in the future.
Please take advantage of the incredible savings now!

PureJeevan is more than happy to accept payment via personal check or money order. Contact Wendi Dee if you prefer this option.

BEFORE PAYING:  Please note: If you are adding on any extra services at the ashram, do not use this Pay Now button. Please contact Wendi Dee.

We accept credit cards securely through Paypal!
(You do not need to join Paypal to use this Pay Now button.
You will be taken to Paypal, where you can login and pay. If you do not
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"Don't Have a Paypal Account?" There is a "Continue" link there to use.
You do not have to become a Paypal member to use this service.)

Cancellation Policy:
* Prior to March 23, 2008 there is a full refund,
minus any PayPal fees (if applicable)
* From March 23 to April 23 there is a $150 nonrefundable fee
* From April 23 to May 23 there is a $250 nonrefundable fee

For those wishing to attend
and stay an extra night, click here for payment.


Click here to view the daily schedule!

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT, use either "Pay Now" button above, or if you have questions, please email Wendi Dee at [email protected]. She welcomes any questions and looks forward to meeting you.

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Raw Vegan:
Picture of Wendi Dee on a Raw Vegan Diet

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