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3-Day Raw Food
Spiritual Ashram Retreat Photos
(Peaceful Valley Ashram and Pure Jeevan Staff, and Retreat Guests)

PICTURES:  Guests  |  Raw FoodYoga  |  Ashram Grounds

A partial group picture taken at the very end of the 3-Day Retreat.
(Leela Mata, Mommy Ji, seated.
KDcat, Wendi Dee, Angel, Becky, Nicoletta, Mary Beth, Faye, Judy, and Elena)

Leela Mata was pleased to see her Peaceful Valley Ashram overflowing with guests.

Wendi Dee was joyful about sharing her love of raw foods with others.

KDcat was happy to meet such loving guests.

And the guests? Well, this picture of Faye, that was captured by Angel, sums up the comments we've received from the guests: "The 3-Day Raw Food Spiritual Ashram Retreat was BLISS!"


Following are random photos taken of the guests attending the retreat, as well as
Peaceful Valley and Pure Jeevan staff members. Giant HUGS to Angel and KDcat
who thought to take my camera and capture all of these images.

Patty and Denny on the sunny porch, creating raw food sandwiches for themselves.

Leela Mata, Sweet Angel, and Mommy Ji on the final day.

Nicoletta, our Diva guest.

Becky and Mary Beth, smiling for KDcat.

Nic and Elena, coming back from a walk (smoke from KDcat's mini bonfire in the background).

Mata Ji, Angel, Wendi, and Nic enjoying a group hug.

Becky and Faye relax on the front lawn together.

Devaki and Mata Ji taking a break from ashram duties.

KDcat learned to make a special type of flower wreath from Elena.

Yum! Let's all make sandwiches!

Mommy Ji and Mata Ji, mother and daughter.

The lovely couple, Patty and Denny.

I love this candid picture of Elena, Mata Ji, and Angel.
(In the background is a bag of bananas I'm trying to ripen overnight. LOL)

We laughed so hard after Angel tried a kumquat for the first time.

Faye tried the kumquat, but somehow managed to peel it before popping it into her mouth!

KDcat helped Wendi so much during the retreat, she was more like a partner than an assistant.

Nicoletta, enjoying the rocking chair on the front porch.

Mary Beth and her sweet mother, Judy, enjoying the beautiful Peaceful Valley Ashram front yard.

A partial group photo, minus guests who had already departed and those who
wished to remain anonymous.

KDcat, Wendi, and Nicoletta enjoying a beautiful day after the retreat had ended.

Lovely Faye, who is a member of Give It To Me Raw.

KDcat was running around without shoes (as always) and something stung her foot. Faye was sweet and offered some essential oils to help the pain and swelling go down.

Even though it looks like she's crying, KDcat was laughing as
Angel kept her entertained during the foot soak.

Mata Ji, who will love to notice the orb in the bottom right of this photo.
She has shown me past photos on ashram property that are filled with such orbs.

Nicoletta showing off the lovely nori wraps she created.

A late night dinner, for guests who stayed another day.

Yep! KDcat LOVES spending time at the ashram.

Nic and Elena taking a stroll on the ashram grounds.

Before Pure Jeevan departed, everyone remaining posed for one final picture.
(In the back row: Ralph (a devoted ashram staff member);
middle row: Mommy Ji, Devaki (a gifted yoga instructor and talented singer),
Leela Mata, Elena, Wendi, Nicoletta, KDcat;
front row: Julia, Pure Jeevan's nine-month-old Blue Doberman rescued puppy)

Leela Mata, saying goodbye to Pure Jeevan staff members.


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