Just a quick announcement today:? I just pressed "send" on our gorgeously produced November 2009 e-newsletter. While we've done periodic newsletters in the past, we've now revisited our commitment to doing them regularly. So, each month going forward, we plan to send out a new e-newsletter.

And they're always crazy fun!? They're kind of like bouncing on a trampoline -- like flying, you know ? Nothing but care-free, transcendent happiness, soaring amid the tree branches, smiling ear-to-ear, gravity-defying hair flying every which way. (Okay, maybe they're not that much fun. But, they are at least generally enjoyable -- and informative!)

I like to include all sorts of things -- the best new highlights from our blog, quirky raw foods news and notes, various updates and snippets that don't always make it to our blog, and more. So, if you're not on our newsletter list, definitely become a member of the Pure Jeevan family today by clicking here and signing up!? You'll also get other free stuff from time to time (starting with our popular eBooks on raw foods -- Raw Foods 101 and Raw Food Recipes, and continuing with other occasional raw food inspirational tips and recipes).

Gotta run, today. Did you check out that Bif Naked interview yet? It's the best raw 40 minute interview in the history of the universe!! So, scroll down a bit and listen. See y'all tomorrow. :-)

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On November 22, 2009, Alisya wrote:

I have been doing well. I am down almost 100lbs. Still struggling with finding foods to eat. Found some good veggie stuff though. Morning Star products are love.
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