It's Friday already! Today marks a whole week of exploring just a little bit of the All Raw Directory. We hope you've enjoyed the exploration so far, and also that you're inspired not only to use the A.R.D., but to contribute to it as well -- adding not only your own links, but any other raw foods links you think others would enjoy. The mission, after all, is to gather and maintain a current, comprehensive, community-run, categorized, searchable, 100% free-to-use resource guide to every single raw and living foods link in existence.

To accomplish this goal, the A.R.D. launched with 20 main categories, arranged alphabetically from Blogs to Vlogs. Of the 20 categories, 19 are rather straightforward (blogs, books, equipment, etc.). But one stands out as special:

A few days after Wendi left for Raw Spirit Festival 2008 in Sedona, my daughter and I decided to "look for Mommy" on the Internet. We figured maybe someone had posted video coverage from RSF online & maybe we'd see her. Guess what ? We DID!? Sure enough, there was Wendi, dancing in a tent. We told her about this when she returned, and she began finding many, many YouTube videos, photostreams, and blog posts describing others' experiences from RSF Sedona and previous years.

Because the RSF is so very special in the way it grandly facilitates true in-person connections with other like-minded individuals, we wanted to honor it with a special category on the A.R.D. Not only would this provide a fun repository of special memories, but it may help convince others who have never attended a RSF to make the pilgrimage, to embark on the odyssey, to dovetail a real-life journey in with figurative journey into the raw lifestyle. So, she rung up her new friend Happy ...

... who was totally down with the idea, and then turned to me with that look I know so well: "Jim, can you code this for me? :-)"? And soon after, the RSF Memories category was born. A quick way there is via this link:

To use the site, just hit that link, and check out the many sorting options for that category. You can sort by year, by media type, by submitter, by date submitted, etc. Many, many options!? Right now, there are still only a few links to 2009 RSF vids / photos / blog entries. But, we expect that will grow as people publish their comments and media.To add content to that category, just sign in, click on "add link" anywhere on the site, and enter a title, description, URL, and also note which year's RSF the link pertains to.

What's in Store for the A.R.D.

We do have a few expansions in mind once we hit the road as full-timers for Pure Jeevan. For example, we'll likely be looking for some "topic moderators / admins" to help ensure that everything appearing within a topic is appropriate or fits well within that category. Also of note would be some enhanced searching capabilities as well as the planned addition of one new category -- "links to non-raw-foods sites that are owned / run by raw foodies." (Hmmm, we'll need a more concise name for that one, eh )? Occasionally, someone will add a site to the A.R.D. that just doesn't fit in, even if it is a topic of interest to many raw foodies. So, we have to reluctantly delete those right now. Hopefully, this new category will help show support for raw foodies everywhere, even if their business or web site has nothing to do with raw.

Well, this concludes a week of A.R.D. exploration. Next week, we'll be back to our regular raw food articles!