If you're like me, you get inspired and motivated when you hear stories of success. It's thrilling to hear what others have done, how they've overcome obstacles in their way and achieved something great. When it comes to the raw food diet, the stories of success seem endless.Here on the Pure Jeevan blog, we've been highlighting these raw success stories under our "My Raw Story" series. It's a popular part of this blog and we'll continue to collect and share the inspiring stories with all of you.

Another place to find some wonderful raw food success stories is over at the All Raw Directory. We have a category there for raw success stories. You'll find some of the stories we've run here through our My Raw Story series, but you might also find some others that you've never heard about before!

Check out these stories that I just found over on the All Raw Directory:

If you know of any links to raw food success stories, be sure to add them to the directory to inspire others! Be sure to check it out from time-to-time to see what's been added, also. There can never be too much inspiration, right !

Here's an easy way to link to the Raw Success Stories category on the All Raw Directory: http://tinyurl.com/RawSuccessStories