Aside from the community-run nature of the All Raw Directory (meaning, the fact that anyone can add or edit the information there, just like a "wiki"), one of the other key concepts of the site is that it is a directory. In other words, the site is not meant to house much information on its own. Rather, it's meant to point people to other sites where pre-existing information may be found.?

So, for example, if you have a recipe for raw chocolate cupcakes, you wouldn't put the step-by-step instructions for making those cupcakes into the All Raw Directory recipes section. Rather, you would put a link to a web site where your recipe already appears (along with a brief description telling people what to expect). See the difference !

Raw foods NEWS is another example. In this category, we're interested in compiling links to existing raw foods stories run by the various local, regional, and national newspapers and media. Any time a news story is published at a news media site, we try to post a link to it in this section. But, of course, if we miss one, anyone can post such links in this section. (Again, don't worry about whether a story is already there. If you enter a dupe URL, the system is smart enough to know.)

When I was a child, I remember being told that the word "NEWS" came from the fact that it referred to stories gathered from the "north, east, west, and south." ?Well, who knows if that's true ! But, as far as the All Raw Directory is concerned, any raw-related news story is certainly welcome, from anywhere around the world.

It's fairly easy and quick to add a link. Just put in a title, an author name (and/or the name of the raw foodie featured in the piece), a brief description, and the URL. There are 90+ news stories in this category as of this writing (including an Earth-shattering one posted recently from the BBC announcing that, on the whole, raw foodies are -- surprise, surprise -- "thin and healthy"), and we know this could really be a wonderful source of regular raw news for many people. So, if you read a published story about a raw restaurant opening, the raw foods lifestyle, raw foods nutrition, or anything related, please take a moment to sign into your ARD account and add that story!

It's also painfully easy to remember a quick way to (1) get directly to the latest raw news, and/or (2) tell someone else where to go:? Just remember -- how simple!