Whoa, Pure Jeevan's Back?!

2016 update: Aha, you noticed?! Welcome. Yes, we wanted to bring the site back online again, mainly because it's so packed with articles and information. It will be a work in progress for some time, as we changed web platforms and all sorts of tech stuff. So, a lot of links are hard-coded to old Wordpress-style links... just awful. But, in time we'll get all of it back in shape. For now, enjoy clicking around and reading!

Pure Jeevan has updated the Comment system we're using on this blog. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Disqus system, we hope you'll love it as much as we do. Here are the highlights of what makes Disqus better than the traditional comment system that's a default with WordPress:

* Once you sign up the first time, Disqus remembers your information and you don't have to keep logging in and out to leave comments on blogs using Disqus. Your one account will work for all blogs using Disqus (and a lot more blogs are using this as the days go by...if you aren't using it on your blog, you might want to consider it! People tend to comment more when Disqus is an option for commenting.).

* When someone replies to a comment you've left, their reply will be emailed to you! For me, this was a big reason to start using Disqus. Many times I leave comments and ask questions, but I'm too busy to continually returning to blogs to see if my questions have been answered, or not. With Disqus, I know instantly.

* Comments on other comments are indented, so it's easy to follow if there is a discussion going on within the comments section.

* All comments are emailed to me, so I can respond more quickly.

* There's more to Disqus, but I haven't had time to check it out. I know I can go to my account and see all past comments I've left on various blogs, and see replies to my comments. There's a way to add friends and some other things there, as well, that I haven't check out, yet.

So, I hope you'll like the new comment system. I'm pretty sure you can leave a comment, even if you don't want to sign up for a free Disqus account. Please let me know your thoughts on the new comment system. I'm hoping this makes it easier for all of us to keep in touch, but if it doesn't work for most of you for any reason, I want to know (you can email me at WendiDee? [at]? PureJeevan.com with your comments if you aren't able to comment here).

Lots of love to all of you!



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On October 13, 2008, Dhrumil wrote:

Whoop Whoop!

Disqus is fantastic. I'm on a mission to get as many as raw foodies on it as possible so I can stop signing in and out of different blogs.

Well done Wendi and loving the growth of ARD

On October 13, 2008, joannaRawTN wrote:

I love you. Just a random note! :D

On October 15, 2008, WendiDee wrote:

Awww!!! I love you, too, Joanna!!!

Thanks for the comment!


On October 15, 2008, WendiDee wrote:

Thanks, Dhrumil!

I'm loving the convenience in responding to comments using Disqus! I'm thinking now that I finally have the program and my WordPress is updated, I may be better able to keep up with things on my blog. :-P That's my hope, anyway.

I'm still having a tough time getting the word out to enough people about the AllRawDirectory. I'm hoping the recent link-up with Happy Oasis through the Raw Spirit Memories category will eventually let others know about the resource.

Thanks for your support, Dhrumil! It means a lot to me!

Lots of love to you,