Don't miss this amazing online event!

Kevin Gianni has outdone himself this time! In the past, Kevin co-created Raw Summit, an online teleseminar educating and motivating those interested in health and a raw food lifestyle. It was amazing and thousands of people participated in the event.That event was very inspiring, even my husband and daughter didn't want to miss any of the interviews.

This time, however, Kevin has taken things to a new level! The interviews will now be in a video format! Not only do we get to hear raw and living food experts speaking, we can see their expressions, as well. It will be like they are in the room with us, having an inspirational talk with each of us!

Kevin has called the event a RAWkathon! It's a free seven-day, worldwide online living food event! It will include interviews with fifteen of the top raw food experts:

* Dr. Gabriel Cousens

* Victoria Boutenko

* Dr. Doug Graham

* David Wolfe

* Mike Adams

* Viktoras Kulvinskas

* Nomi Shannon

* Cherie Soria

* David Rainochek

* Frederic Patenaude

* Dr. Rick Dina

* Matt Monarch

* Karen Knowler

* Dr. Jameth Sheridan

* Happy Oasis

It's free event, so be sure to sign up! Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Kevin Gianni is an amazing inerviewer and there is always a lot to learn from the experts he interviews! Sign up here: Rawkathon

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