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Okay, my Raw Fu 100 Day Challenge is set!

I'm going to transition to the 80/10/10 version of raw. I'm doing it gradually, however. For the first 10 days, I'm eating no fats before dinner. Then with dinner, I'll eat as much fat as I desire, but I will be conscious of how much of it I'm consuming. For the second 10 days, I'm going to continue the same as the first week, but I'm going to reduce my fat in the evening to half of what I normally would eat. I haven't made set plans for the final sets of ten days, but I want to be following 80/10/10 by the beginning of the final week.

Why 80/10/10? Because when I read about it, and I talk with others who follow it, it seems to make sense and work for others. After almost two years of raw foods, I am doing great with 90 pounds left behind, but I've been stuck at a weight that isn't really my ideal (I'm currently 137 pounds and I'm only 5'4"). I'm happy with myself, but my goal is to be as healthy and vibrant as I can be, to live a very long, fulfilling, energetic life.

Currently, my energy level isn't all that great. I am deficient in iron (because my body doesn't produce enough stomach acid). Before anyone points out that it's from raw foods, I was low in iron before raw, as well. It's a life-long problem with me, but I'm very optimistic that raw foods will get my body balanced and healthy so that I'll have a proper amount of stomach acid and be able to absorb iron as I consume iron-rich foods.

Anyway, I'm not truly a follower of what others map out before me. However, I want to try 80/10/10 to see what it feels like. I like to experiment and take away things that work for me, and leave the rest behind. I'll let you all know what I think of 80/10/10 as the days progress.

My body is insulin resistant. I've been that way my entire life and it's what caused me to have irregular menstrual cycles ever since I was a young teenager. According to the 80/10/10 diet, insulin problems are cause from too much fat in the bloodstream. So, we'll see if that's the case. I'm really interested in seeing what this way of eating can do for my body. I'm not too proud to say it's not working for me and go back to my normal--eat whatever you intuitively want as long as it's raw--way of living and eating.

Best wishes to everyone else who's currently starting the Raw Fu 100 Day Challenge, as well!

Lots of love to you,



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On July 31, 2008, hihorosie wrote:

Thanks Wendi for your words of encouragement! You've got great plans ahead of you - I wish you nothing but the best on the next 100 days. It'll be interesting what you discover while being 80/10/10.

I still plan on doing a future post on iron so I hope I find some info for you too. Wish me luck!

See you on Raw Fu!

On July 31, 2008, Sarah @ Going Bananas Blog wrote:

I think it's cool you're gonna try this! I got your email and will respond sometime soon. ;) Thank you! I'm looking forward to following your discoveries.

On July 31, 2008, Penni wrote:

I will be eager to watch your findings with 80/10/10. I know you'll be disciplined and give us all really informative feedback. I have always been borderline anemic since I was a child. I guess we're just special!

Love you and can't wait to hear more!



On August 1, 2008, Langel Bleu (aka Jen) wrote:

Wendi, It will be interesting to see what your experience with 80/10/10 is.

My goal is to follow something more like Gabriel Cousens Phase 1 low glycemic diet as featured in Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. I do however plan to keep the garlic & onions, instead of his ayurvedic replacement of Hing.

Interestingly Phase 1 has the almost diametric opposite approach to Grahams as it is very low sugar, but higher in fat & greens. He has used it to heal people of diabetes and other insulin related issues as well as cancer & other serious health challenges. My guidance (and recent dreams even) has been pretty adamant that it is the fruit sugar that is my challenge. So I'm gonna ride this low glycemic thing for as long as I can.

It will be interesting to compare notes. Bodies can be so different. I know that many people swear by 80/10/10 while others have walked away from Death's Door through phase 1.

On August 2, 2008, Yardsnacker wrote:

So proud of you! You are a great example and inspiration. Do we ever get tired of that word? Not when it comes to you! I know you will have great successes in your challenge!


On August 2, 2008, Pixywinks wrote:

I'm interested in seeing the results of your experiment as well. I'm going on vacation next weekend for a few days, so I'm delaying the start of my personal challenge for when I get back. I'm thinking of trying to follow 811 fully for the challenge. I'm still debating it tho. It does make me feel really good when I stick to it.

Sounds like you've mapped out a reasonable transition for yourself. Maybe I will copy your method.

Best of luck!

Pixy Lisa

On August 3, 2008, Wendi wrote:

Thanks, everyone!!

Hihorosie: I'm interested in seeing how well it works, too, living on 80/10/10. It will take some time until I transition to it 100%, though. Yes, I'd love to read what you find out about iron.

Sarah: Thanks! It's too soon to say much about how 80/10/10 is making me feel, since I still have fats in the evening and therefore fat in my bloodstream during the day. So, I'll have to wait quite some time to see any real benefits, if there are any. If I have any questions, you know who I'm going to ask! ;-)

Penni: Yes, I think it's important to really experiment objectively. I know a lot of people absolutely live by and love 80/10/10 but there are as many people opposed to it, as well. I'm curious enough to sample it for myself. If it works for me, I'll let everyone know--and if it doesn't work...well, I'll let everyone know that, too. :-P You'd be special even if you did have normal stores of iron. *HUGS*

Jen: I'm so glad you are doing Cousens' diet!!! I can't wait to read how it goes with you. I have his book and told my husband that I'm going to try it out someday to see how it feels. His makes just as much sense (in a completely opposite way) as Graham's. It's going to be very interesting to see the differences as we both do the opposing diets. I'm not attached to 80/10/10 as being the ideal diet, but I'm open for that possibility. It will be the same when I do Cousens' diet someday. It's fun learning and experimenting, seeing how my body responds to different ways of eating. In the end, however, I know the best way for me to eat is to completely follow my instincts. :-P

Sam: Awwww! You are so sweet! :-)

Pixy Lisa: I hope you have a great vacation! When you get back, I hope you do follow the 80/10/10 and we can compare notes!!!

Lots of love to all of you and thanks for the comments!!!!



On January 25, 2010, Penni wrote:

I will be eager to watch your findings with 80/10/10. I know you'll be disciplined and give us all really informative feedback. I have always been borderline anemic since I was a child. I guess we're just special!

Love you and can't wait to hear more!