Whoa, Pure Jeevan's Back?!

2016 update: Aha, you noticed?! Welcome. Yes, we wanted to bring the site back online again, mainly because it's so packed with articles and information. It will be a work in progress for some time, as we changed web platforms and all sorts of tech stuff. So, a lot of links are hard-coded to old Wordpress-style links... just awful. But, in time we'll get all of it back in shape. For now, enjoy clicking around and reading!

We're providing a FREE Raw Foods Questions & Answer Session tomorrow evening at the East End Food Co-op! Here's the info if any of you are interested in joining us:

Pure Jeevan Answers Your Raw Food Questions

Wendi and Jim Dee, along with their daughter KDcat, will be available on May 2nd to answer any questions about raw foods. If you have no knowledge of this life-altering diet, are curious to hear more about it, or have questions, you are welcome to join them at the East End Food Co-op for an interactive session. They are happy to stay for as long as there are questions being asked, so be sure to bring your questions along with you!

The Dee family has experienced almost miraculous weight loss and health recovery after switching to a raw food diet. Wendi follows the diet 100%, while Jim and KDcat still consume some cooked and processed foods. Together they created an online resource, purejeevan.com, to share their experiences with raw foods and inspire others to try it for themselves.

FREE Raw Food Q&A

Friday, May 2nd

7 pm

East End Food Co-op and Cafe

7516 Meade Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Phone: 412-242-3598

Original Comments

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On May 2, 2008, Pure Package Food wrote:

I hope this event is going to a big success and it may provide good answers for many questions like why we have to take natural and chemical-free foods and I"m expecting this event will bring a good name to Wendi and Jim Dee for their efforts.

On May 2, 2008, Wendi wrote:

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We're not really looking for any sort of recognition out of helping others. We just want to share what helped us, so that others can regain health and happiness, as well. :-)

Lots of love to you,



On May 2, 2008, Sarah wrote:

How neat that you and your family do this together! If I were in town I'd have stopped by! I hope it went well, more people need to know about true health!!