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He's the newest rising star in the Raw Food world.

Take the Time to Meet

Philip McCluskey!

Many of you raw foodists already know about Philip McCluskey. He seemed to be an overnight star in the raw food world when his first video appeared on YouTube. He has an endearing quality about him, which is probably why so many have felt a connection with him from the beginning. Philip opens his heart and openly shares his path to raw foods with anyone ready to listen. What makes him so different, though? Philip has an amazing tranformation story to share!

Philip was overweight his entire life. He spent many years trying to lose weight, following the latest diets, exercising, and he even considered having surgery.By the time he was almost 30 years old, Philip weighed 400 pounds. It was at that weight that Philip experienced an immense amount of stress while on vacation. He was in Amsterdam at the time and a woman approached him, asking how he got so big. He looked around himself and realized that he hadn't seen anyone over 30 pounds overweight during his vacation. He felt angry and hurt, and eventually had a panic attack or nervous breakdown.

For months, Philip struggled with depression, but out of that pain he was able to find a path to health. He learned about raw foods, started to trust himself more and began feeling a connection with nature. Effortlessly, Philip started losing weight. To date, he is 140 pounds lighter! He has become an inspiration to many individuals all over the world through is videos and web site. If you have the Time this Tuesday, check him out! You'll be inspired, as well! www.lovingraw.com or http://www.youtube.com/lovingraw.